Free: Set-The-Day

Free Mindset Training: Set-The-Day

What is Set The Day?

Set The Day is a PDF exercise I created and that I share as a free training. In the PDF, you’ll have the Set The Day exercise, and the Set The Future exercise. 

These are 2 awesome tools to start training your mind and create the life you want. You‘ll reprogram yourself to be more in line with who you want to be (more of). 

Set The Day is a daily, 10 min. exercise, that you do in the morning, before you leave the house. It’ll Set Your Day up right 🙂 *

*You can start training yourself, but I’m also launching a 10 Day Guide (audio). The Guide explains more about the exercise + (the effects on) the mind, and motivates and guides you for 10 days. More info below!


Receive the free ‘Set The Day, Set The Future’ PDF in your inbox, and start setting your mind! 

Why I’m so excited about the 10 Day Guide

This guide is such a great support for you to start training your mental muscle, ánd to keep it going! Along the way you’ll learn a lot about the mind, but it’s all in fun, bite-sized pieces. 


I know committing to a new habit (like this exercise) can be hard. But if you notice any of these situations going on, you might want to start Setting Your Day:


  • You feel like you’re barely keeping afloat in daily life
  • You notice ‘cloudiness’ in your mind at times, like you can’t seem to find clarity
  • You can feel out of confidence, while knowing there’s more potential to you
  • You’re missing some life-joy energy in your life right now (hello, excitement?!)
  • You find it hard to juggle it all

You want to feel more in charge, you know you have so much more potential. You know that with a bit of focus and clarity, you’ll move much more easily. And you just crave more positive, exciting energy in your life. 


Setting The Day for 10 days will really give you all of that. Let me explain why:

  1. We’re starting with 1, small, daily promise to yourself. (Setting your day in the morning)
  2. Keeping it for 10 days will make you feel in charge and empowered. 
  3. Repeating a short, simple exercise, consistently, will create a snowball-effect. 
  4. Your mind will set itself up in a new way because of that. Besides you being so much more aware of the energy YOU bring into the day, you’ll create more focus, joy and positive beliefs. 
  5. That’ll reset your mental blueprint. And consistently making space for your growth, will multiply the effects. 
All the while, you’re just doing a light, short, daily exercise that’s fun! It’s a boost at the start of your day. 


If you feel motivated to start, and you’d like me to guide you into this training (and to support you along the way), you can pre-order the 10 Day Guide here:

Much love!