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Company Training

Company Training

Being pro-active when it comes to mental health

It’s so nice to see that employers are more conscious of the importance of healthy employees. That there’s a relationship between mental health and employee performance is undeniable. 

Employees who feel happy and confident are more productive, creative and influence co-workers plus company culture in a positive way. 

However, not all employers are pro-actively concerned with the mental wellbeing of their employees. 

Mostly, it’s a reactive process, in which an employee only receives support when she/he is burned out or sick. This reactive approach costs a lot of time, money and dissatisfaction. 


Mental wellbeing is trainable

That’s unfortunate, because mental wellbeing is trainable. Employees can learn tools on how to deal with tension, stress and stimuli. Focus and positive thinking can be trained. Everyone has patterns of thought that aren’t beneficial. But becoming aware of them is trainable, just as how creating a more supportive mindset is. The more an employee is trained in this area, the less chance that she/he will be stressed out. And if so, she/he will have tools and knowledge on how to handle it. 

The power of Mindset Training

Mindset Training is like going to the gym, but then it’s for the mind. You can see it as mental fitness. The training teaches employees how to get out of feelings of tension, ‘overwhelment’, indifference and insecurity. Participants find mastery over their thoughts, emotions and thus so, mental wellbeing. 

Every employee has the ability to gain back power and feel confident and positive at work, by applying the training. 

It can actually set in motion a snowball-effect that has a positive effect on all areas of life, which then increases the value an employee brings into the workfield. 

Some effects of the training: 

  • increased ability to focus
  • lowering stress level in body + mind
  • greater sense of control
  • increased feeling of confidence
The Training
I enjoy helping my trainees make the most use of their own (mind-)potential. There are several ways to train:


1-on-1 Training

Mindset Talk at your event

How clients experienced Mindset Training:

Company Training

Reach out and we’ll talk about the possibilities!