About - Jodie Tielbeke


Show your future self that you're ready!

What I do


I help you take back charge in life. 

Everything is energy, so every thought you have has an effect.

Together we find the right mix of thoughts for you. We resolve resistance, leave old patterns behind and let your energy flow again. 

Because we create new (mental) habits, a path opens up for a new version of you. 

You’re going to enter that path. I call this mindset ‘training’, because you’ll keep practicing for the rest of your life. It’ll become part of your day-to-day. And that’s fun! 

Because you’ll find out that your future self is much closer than you might think and feel at the moment. 

And that you have enormous power to create the life you desire. 

The road to Mindset Training

I’m a 90’s New Age baby. I grew up with incense & the Spice Girls. For as long as I can remember, I’m curious about energy, intuition and everything between heaven and earth. That’s why at age 12, I gave a talk in class about spirituality. I was always dancing, singing and performing. The stage was (and is) my spot. 

That connection to spirituality decreased in my teenage years. It was at the end of my studies (International Business) that I slowly felt attracted again towards energy. 

In the meantime the topic ‘personal development’ became more interesting to me. I started discovering a link between spirituality, science and personal development. 

The path that so many people (unconsciously) search for became clear to me. Connection with your real self. Connection with everything as a whole. Creating from, and with, energy. 

In other words: being able to connect with your brain AND heart AND gut. Taking responsibility for your own emotional wellbeing. Being brave, and taking steps from an abundance- instead of a scarcity-mindset. 

A training arose. And I call this training; Mindset Training.