Set Your 2020

Online Program: Set Your 2020

What would happen if you had an actual plan for your 2020?


The answer is quite simple; 

1. You’d have a sense of direction

2. You’d know your goals, and

3. Have clear focus


These 3 simple elements are most often what we miss out on.

Most of us step into a new year, not even knowing what it is we want. 

The year starts, and we’re energized by the idea of a new beginning, a clean slate.


I want you to make use of that energy; by giving yourself some direction!

You’re a great human being. You have so much potential. 

Why not gift yourself a moment to actually pause, check-in, and set up your year for success? 

To move through all life areas, without neglecting or ignoring your:


  • health & joy
  • love life & relationships
  • career & financial health
  • creativity & personal development

Decide what you desire, what deserves your attention this year, and which actions you’ll be taking.


Without a vision, we’re not moving from purpose

Without goals, we’re can’t measure our progress

Without focus, we’re reactive instead of pro-active, wasting valuable attention


At the end of 2020, I wish for you to know what it was you wanted this year.

To have been conscious throughout the year, and not feeling like another year has ‘just gone by’. 



  • Creating a clear vision for 2020
  • Setting your 5 - 10 goals for 2020 (in all areas)
  • How to resolve mental blocks
  • How to take inspired action
  • Training laser-focus
  • Tools for demotivation & procrastination


The Program


Online Workshop (interactive, small group)


4 Sessions – January 2020 


Tuesday 7, 14, 21, 28

Thursday 9, 16, 23, 30*



20:00 – 21:30 

(8pm – 9:30 pm)


Language: EN / NL


Early Bird: €125,-**


*Besides the 4 online sessions, you’ll receive personal coaching through Whatsapp. 

The program includes small daily assignments, to reprogram your thoughts + behavior.


**After Dec 30, it’s €150,-



“Within 1 week I got a date, interview and a new gig!” – Arina


 I cancelled my Netflix. Everyday I wake up 30min. early to go for a run. I haven’t felt this positive in a long time and I have the right focus now.” – Ruben


 If I hadn’t done this workshop, I think it would have cost me my health, and I would have been burned out at some point. But now I have my goals in sight and I feel super-positive. I know how to stick to my planning, how to stand up for myself and say ‘no’, and I prioritize time with my partner & family way more.” – Renee



NOTE: this workshop is not about having to ‘smash your goals‘. 


It’s about you knowing what you want, creating movement, and being in charge to adjust when necessary.



After the 4-week intensive program, you’ll have the opportunity to join 4 Re-Focus sessions throughout the year. 


In these sessions we check-in on your progress and (re)set goals in all areas.


These sessions are your support throughout the year, giving you motivation 

to keep it moving!


MAR ’20

JUN ’20

SEP ’20

NOV ’20