Jodie Tielbeke - Mindset Training

Your thoughts influence your life.

On all of life’s aspects. Because thoughts affect how you feel and behave. They can support you and help you feel good, or they limit you and make you feel stressed, worried, insecure. 

If you learn to become more aware of your thoughts, you hold the key to changing your life. 

Start reprogramming your mind for more confidence, focus, and clarity, with Mindset Training:

Your thoughts create your life

In 1 day, you have 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts. You’re only conscious of a small part.

As humans, we’re able to experience positive and negative energy. You can feel good, or not that good.

What you think determines your emotion. And your emotion determines what you think:

Mindset Training teaches you to get in a positive loop (+) and train your resilience.

Your energy goes up. Your resistance clears. Your personality changes.

And because you act differently, you’ll get to your next level in life. 



In the training, you implement a mix of elements, from the Law Of Attraction, neuroscience and positive psychology.

How they experienced Mindset Training:

I would recommend Jodie’s mindset training to anyone and everyone! I learned that our thoughts have more power than most of us think and that we can use that to change our current state of mind into a more positive and powerful one.

Mindset training is about yourself and how you can use your mind as a tool to your advantage. Jodie is very kind and positive and knows to communicate her topics in a very clear and encouraging way. She has very good examples and training methods that push you to apply what you’ve learned!

Product Designer

Jodie creates in her online workshops an atmosphere of trust, openness and curiosity. If you dare to engage fully in the process that she facilitates you will make steps in your personal development that you have never dared to wish for. If you can connect to a spiritual approach, I can highly recommend Jodie as a Mindset Trainer and Coach.

Psychologist & Entrepreneur

Jodie is een ontzettend enthousiaste Mindset Trainer die niet alleen weet te luisteren naar waar je tijdens de training tegen aanloopt maar hier gelijk in weet te schakelen en tips weet te geven om dit op een positieve manier om te zetten.

Student International Relations

Jodie is positief ingesteld, ruim denkend, vriendelijk, open, stelt mooie vragen tijdens de sessies. Jodie heeft een training gecreëerd vanuit een overtuiging die voortkomt uit eigen ervaring en veel, heel veel input vanuit de wet van de aantrekkingskracht. Dit merk je tijdens de training: Jodie neemt je mee op je reis binnen deze materie.

Manager Jeugdzorg
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