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Releasing Anxiety

Being in special times like these, with a lot of moving elements and less control, 

you can feel more emotions of worry, fear and anxiousness.

In this audio I’m helping you to release that anxiety. I also talk about the effect is has on your nervous system and 

why it’s so important to take care of your wellbeing right now.

I’m giving you 6 tools:

1. Forgiveness

2. Compassion

3. Setting Boundaries

4. Cutting The Cord

5. Body Energy Release

6. Positive Connections For Balance

Your thoughts influence your life.

On all of life’s aspects. Because thoughts affect how you feel and behave. They can support you and help you feel good, or they limit you and make you feel stressed, worried, insecure. 

If you learn to become more aware of your thoughts, you hold the key to changing your life. 

Start reprogramming your mind for more confidence, focus, and clarity, with Mindset Training:

Your thoughts create your life

In 1 day, you have 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts. You’re only conscious of a small part.

As humans, we’re able to experience positive and negative energy. You can feel good, or not that good.

What you think determines your emotion. And your emotion determines what you think:

Mindset Training teaches you to get in a positive loop (+) and train your resilience.

Your energy goes up. Your resistance clears. Your personality changes.

And because you act differently, you’ll get to your next level in life. 



In the training, you implement a mix of elements, from the Law Of Attraction, neuroscience and behavioral psychology.

How they experienced Mindset Training:

I would recommend Jodie’s mindset training to anyone and everyone! I learned that our thoughts have more power than most of us think and that we can use that to change our current state of mind into a more positive and powerful one.

Mindset training is about yourself and how you can use your mind as a tool to your advantage. Jodie is very kind and positive and knows to communicate her topics in a very clear and encouraging way. She has very good examples and training methods that push you to apply what you’ve learned!

Product Designer

Jodie creates in her online workshops an atmosphere of trust, openness and curiosity. If you dare to engage fully in the process that she facilitates you will make steps in your personal development that you have never dared to wish for. If you can connect to a spiritual approach, I can highly recommend Jodie as a Mindset Trainer and Coach.

Psychologist & Entrepreneur

Jodie is een ontzettend enthousiaste Mindset Trainer die niet alleen weet te luisteren naar waar je tijdens de training tegen aanloopt maar hier gelijk in weet te schakelen en tips weet te geven om dit op een positieve manier om te zetten.

Student International Relations

Jodie is positief ingesteld, ruim denkend, vriendelijk, open, stelt mooie vragen tijdens de sessies. Jodie heeft een training gecreëerd vanuit een overtuiging die voortkomt uit eigen ervaring en veel, heel veel input vanuit de wet van de aantrekkingskracht. Dit merk je tijdens de training: Jodie neemt je mee op je reis binnen deze materie.

Manager Jeugdzorg
  • Free Audio 1. is up on my website. This one is for helping you release anxiety 🙏✨ Giving you 6 tools to try, + I explain why it’s so good to release anxiety for your immune system and wellbeing. Take good care 😊💕 LinkinBio. Much love! .

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  • Here to give some free Mindset support 😊✨ I’ll be recording these for you to use & share. .

With our current situation changing so fast, we need to shift our mindsets. You could be dealing with high anxiety, or a sudden change in your life. You could be navigating how to work from home and stay motivated, or deal with a loss of job/income while having to stay inside. You might be worried for you, your kids, your fam. 💕 .

I’m creating audio tools for not just your wellbeing, but the wellbeing of all. 🙏Because the world will really benefit from you using your valuable energy + attention for the better. .

Let me know in comments/DM which ones you’d like to receive. Feel free to use all of them to your advantage!

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  • Got to do a training for @sharenetworkorg with so many awesome people, putting in their all to help survivors of human trafficking in building a brighter future 💪✨
This training was for mentors of the Share Mentor Program, where we trained topics like mindset, understanding the mentee-perspective, goalsetting, and tools for emotional wellbeing 🧠❤️
Happy I got to work with such cool, interactive and dedicated trainees 😊🙏 #mindset #training #mentorprogram #wellbeing #goalsetting #growthmindset
  • When you decide to take a selfie once every 6 months and spend 10min. getting confused with filters to then get overly selfconscious and overthink the whole idea 🥴🤣 But I AM feeling the vibes today so 5,4,3,2,1 and let’s go! ✨ A lovely, selfloving day from me to you 😊💕 #5secondrule #mind #vibes #energy #selflove #mindset #selfielife
  • 2019 had challenges AND beautiful experiences 🙏✨ So many learnings and memories I’ll all bring with me to 2020. Looking back I’m grateful to have accomplished so many goals that I set a year ago 😍

I gave mindset training. 1-on-1, to companies, internationally, online! 🎉

I had 100+ trainees! 🎉

I had a first PR moment and started Instagram. I created several concepts and enjoyed being creative with trainings. I connected with sooo many cool people!

Mostly, I received amazing reviews and feedback on the training I, myself, created from intention 🙏

Now for this year, the vibe feels new and personal 🔮 For 2020, this is what I envision and feel, as a first:

I’m going to give myself time. Be nicer to me. More protective of myself. I’m going to be my own anker ⚓️ Find release. Be gentle, caring and loving. 💕

In 2020 I’m going to be better to me.  I’ll make decisions based on health and healing. I’ll enjoy, connect, laugh and find more calmness. I see sofness, sun and travel. Cooking, playing games, reading, walks, mountains, blue-green water, white sand and good conversation. 💫

There’s more to come, but I’m already into this set up. Wishing you much love and energy for this new, fresh year! 🎉
  • What’s it gonna be for 2020?

If you’re going to set goals; make sure you do it from the right energy. Move it to a perspective of positivity and possibility, and then from that vision, set up your goals in all areas of life.

This way you get to live the life you really want, instead of the one you think you ‘should be’ living 😉✨🙏. Join me in this 2020 program to reset your mind and energy and to see, from a higher perspective, what your wishes and goals will be for 2020.

We kick off in January! Linkinbio for more info 😊✨ -

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  • Today it's the 12th of the 12th, and at 12:12 the moon will be moving into Gemini.⁠
If you're like; 'what'? Let me explain to you why this is interesting.⁠
The moon, the sun and everything else in the universe is made up of energy, and stands in close relationship to one another.⁠
The moon's gravitational pull affects all water elements. This is how we have tides of our oceans, seas and even lakes.⁠
We as humans are affected by the moon as well. We have water elements inside of us and we're made up of energy (atoms and subatoms) and have our own magnetic field.⁠
As we've lost touch with nature, and we look down on our phones 📱more than we look up to the sky, we're not aware that the situation in the cosmos can be interesting and beneficial to us. 💫
Today is one of those days to do look up to the sky. Make use of the full moon energy and:⁠
1. See all the opportunities that you have.⁠
2. Reconnect to your vision & goals.⁠
3. Accept and embrace your life as it is right now.⁠
4. Move from intuition and go with the flow 🌊(literally).⁠
5. Take time for the bigger picture.⁠
If possible, today take a task or two out of your to-do-list, and spend time to (re)set your intentions.⁠
>> If you'd like more of this: you'd like to pause and reflect. Set out your vision, goals and intention from the right energy. Create joy & balance in all life areas. Set up a plan that suits your intention.⁠
Then you can join the 'Set Your 2020' workshop I'm giving in January. We'll come together online, for 4 evenings, to set up your year for success. ✨ Check the linkinbio for more info!⁠
This is such an amazing workshop that gives you clarity, focus and confidence for the entire year. ⁠
Enjoy the special full moon vibes!⁠
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  • At the beach with my sister, she had the best idea; ‘let’s write something in the sand!’ 🐚

This was a moment I needed. I recently had to let go of something. And that’s not easy.

When things happen in life I can’t control, I, like everyone, can go through (e)motions of doubt, insecurity, even frustration.

Our vision cannot always, in every moment, be superclear. We don’t always feel great and confident, and that’s ok.

But to know what works for you in such a moment is amazing. And when everything feels blurry, to get back to your tools and what you need. ✨

As there’s so much we can’t control, there’s also a lot we CAN be in charge of:

1. Knowing what we want
2. Focussing on what’s important to us
3. How we get back to clarity & confidence

In the #setyour2020 workshop we’ll get into these topics for you. Swipe to see what we’ll be doing. For more info check the linkinbio! -

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  • In January, I’m kicking off the #setyour2020 online workshop! This is such a great program to get clear on your wishes for all areas of life 🙏

We’ll train your mind what to focus on. You’ll set goals from a higher perspective. And you’ll make the best use of that fresh energy you start with at the beginning of the year ✨

Arina shares her experience, as she joined the 2019 workshop.

To join / more info, check the linkinbio! Early birds are up for €125,- (4-week workshop!) I’d love to welcome you in this workshop. Reach out in DM’s if you’d like to know more 😊✨ -

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  • Did an amazing Mindset Reset session for @turnerandtownsend ✨Opening up minds, getting into mental wellbeing and even doing a ‘FutureSelf’ visualization with the group! To see everyone really go for it and share their experience is the greatest feeling 🙏 love how in their coffee-break, participants walked up to me wanting to share more of what they saw (‘Wow, I saw the entire galaxy!’). 💫

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  • It's not that much about gaining the new as it is about letting go of the old 🙏⁠
In order to get to a new place, some parts of you want to be lovingly released and let go. ⁠
That process can be beautiful, sad, hard, easy, quick, long. Some call it healing. Some call it awakening. Some call it growth. Others call it transformation.⁠
In all cases, there's no longer space for certain parts of you, and that's alright. Maybe, for a bit, you want to check-in and ask yourself:⁠
What can I lovingly let go of? What is it I no longer need? ✨⁠
- ⁠
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  • @nourishtheguide wrote an amazing piece about the workshop at @hubmallorca! 🙏✨⁠
My favorite part:⁠
"We are now at the conclusion of the workshop and I must say the feeling is not at all dissimilar to how you feel after a good massage. I feel calm yet alert, and have been quite surprised at the images that were presented to me during the final exercise."⁠
Read the blog on Nourish The Guide (Link in bio!)⁠
- ⁠
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